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No download fees.
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Fair handicap method.
Only pay a small fee
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Dedicated robocops.
24/7 automated
cheat detection.


Purely skill-based.
Legal in 43 US states
and many countries.

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Whether you are a chess amateur, enthusiast or master, you will easily find suitable competition at ChessMoney.

You can easily choose to invite and play with your friends on Facebook.

No download fees. No membership fees. No ads.


ChessMoney developed a proprietary and fair handicap method that uses the actual results of the most relevant prior games to handicap each game wager.

You have complete control as to whether you accept the proposed match.

Fair handicap method.


ChessMoney developed chess robocops that automatically examine every move of every game to detect anomalies in the level of play indicative of likely cheating.

Users can also report players suspect of cheating to initiate a review process.

24/7 cheat detection.

Not a game of chance.

About us

ChessMoney is the result of the efforts of a few world class technology, design and marketing professionals, who aspire to bring a new level of excitement to chess. Together with a growing user community, we can make it happen.

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